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Hey, I'm Hoylecake. I'm also known as zeitgeist, reverse alley, and koolkidz112 online. I make weird stuff, and this website is one of them.

I'm a teenager who likes to sit in front of screens and type unreadable computer code.

A lot of the stuff I do involves utilizing my nervous system, making music, writing programs, and procrastinating.

I hope you can find what you're looking for here. There's a plethora of interesting stuff to be found to the left.

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hells gates weekly forecast

My Site-ID deck (more or less)

Here are my cards n stuff. I can give you mine, if you want. > Get your own <

(note to self: dont make your internet persona for a month or two be something you'll only be temporarily interested in... my melody probably doesnt look good on a cave story fan's website)



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A new button is in the works to fit with the website's mostly new mostly theme.

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