ok, damn, where do i begin with this i obviously dont want to type this out individually because then i would already have 7000 hate messages hurled my way in the process so here goes. first things first, let me explain what happened on my end...there is this thing, the fulptube community does, called "trolling"...now you see cruising was, ill be honest, being pretty stupid. i decided to temporarily unverify him as a gag. this was usually fixed shortly after but i was just having shitty fun with him. yes, it was abuse, and i can see why i got demoted because of THAT, and also i left him unverified while AFK accidentally, i swear to god it was an accident. but im not trying to right my wrongs to that because what i did is already deserving of a demotion, so i dont think it's worth it to try to make it up. im just a bit pissed because i was ridiculed, pissed on, and then replaced with that same guy who i had no idea was even ELIGIBLE to be a server staff member in the first place. because of this, i was pretty pissed, so i left in frustration. i did some stupid shit afterwards, and then i caught my breath so i could actually do this entire thing rationally. so, at the end of the day, im not trying to come up with excuses, im just trying to vent my frustration on a community that apparently cares more about ruining someone's evening than actually being logical about it. i really fucking hate this community, but i choose to stay in it because 90% of my discord friends consist of people from this exact server, who can usually be really nice. am i asking to be re promoted? a bit. but at the end of the day, i just really feel like this is un fair. not the demotion, but the shit talking immediately after. ive calmed down, but i really dont feel any better. i really hope you enjoyed cackling at the screenshots of me blocking cruising or me trying to apologize to chief bazinga. what was i fucking expecting to happen anyways?? whether this was a buildup of multiple shitty things i did leading up to my demotion, or rather just a heat of the moment thing, the past is still in the past.

whether promoting cruising is also just a silly joke in and of itself, i still dont feel like this is very radical. on another note, doom has informed me he doesnt want to come back

ill leave it up to you people to continue pubie or whatever, because for the time being i’ll be moving the pubie project thing to a seperate, smaller group of friends. i really hope you can continue without me because i never really left an empty shell anyway, i was easily replaced by someone else who fit right in. who that is, i don’t know, but im definitely not surprised that this is a thing that fulptube has done. this is the sole reason so many people have left this website

also youre probably not gonna read this so it's entirely worthless!!!!!!!!!

this is hoylecake signing off. i probably won't come back unless some miracle happens

edit: this is me again. it seems i have been banned across all platforms. what the fucking hell, man. i really don't know what went so wrong that caused this to happen. now i know for sure i won't be coming back. please, just please, be a bit more rational. it's funny how your entire history on this supposedly wonderful website can be removed so quickly. now there is absolutely no chance i will be returning. i seriously think this is all just one huge mistake, but this is way too fucking far. goodbye.

another edit: i really feel like youre making so much fun of me right now. i can SEE the chat having a huge laugh at the screenshot of the extremely long password you gave me so i would be locked out.i really dont fucking get it. i genuinely thought i could have a chance at redemption, but apparently that's not so. i forgive, so of course i will come back again if given the chance. but oh my god, this is not okay.

to any outsiders reading this, please do NOT attack FulpTube. this is mostly my fault and i dont want more hate being directed toward them as a result of this page. they already have it bad enough.