Creepiest Earth mysteries (among other things)

please dont read this if it's night or youre planning on sleeping tonight. last time i stumbled upon a spooky sound it sent me down a rabbithole...a very deep one

Anyone's biggest fear is probably the fear of the unknown, it is second to fear itself, the thought of not knowing is horrifying and always will be, so I decided to compile a list of things on Earth that have rattled ye bones and shivered ye timbers for many years. This will also include other things like forms of media not related to our planet. Enjoy your sleep!

Mysterious sounds

Sounds from beneath

We only know 5% of what lies in the ocean. This opens up a lot of unsettling things to think about. Your worst nightmare could be all the way down there!!! Who knows who could be making those weird noises...we might never know

The Bloop

The Bloop is a mysterious sound recorded somewhere around 1997 with a hydrophone. The sound is presumably an icequake but still manages to be creepy along with the other recordings on this list. You can learn about it and listen to it here.


Julia is yet another hydrophone sound that is yet to give you the spookles! If you listen to it super fast it almost sounds like "Hm, hmmmm..." Creepy! Whoever Julia is, she's an...oh she's just another iceberg. Yuck

Sound phenomena

What's worse than the explanation for weird ocean noises being icebergs or sea creatures? The explanation for rare worldwide phenomena being...nothing!

The Hum

The Hum is a phenemenom very few people experience. Most report it sounds like 50 trucks being started up at once. The duration and interval of these strange occurences vary from person to person.