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Currently obsessed with: Journalism?

(Last updated: 02/02/2021)

Journalism, McDonalds, and a lot of other things


Woo, okay, it's been a while. For the past few weeks I've been gaining and losing some obsessions. I got some old ones back. Currently my newest is journaling my life. It's nice to write about your day about spending a long, boring 8 hours in school. I'll give you the gist of what I've been obsessed with. These are all obsolete and only lasted around a week:

McDonalds. Sounds weird, I know. I wasn't obsessed with their food though, and rather working there. I'd heard some *ahem* *cough cough* Positive Feedback and after extensively playing McDonalds eCDP until I could probably submit a 100% run on Speedrun.com for it I figured, McDonalds would be a cool first job. Nowadays I'm mostly considering being a Publix bagger or a Starbucks employee. I'm not really sure yet. I don't mind the pay (which I should, probably). I just want to have a little fun and make some money.

Manifesting. I have 5,000 dollars. I have 5,000 dollars. I have 5,000 dollars. I have 5,000 dollars. I have 5,000 dollars.

Expansion. The kind of expansion in Factorio. That's about it. I just adore games where you start out with a couple of conveyor belts and build an Ethically Responsible Societally Productive High Paying Healthy factory of Consumer Products For The Benefits of Colleagues, Members of Society, and Fellow CoWorkers With High Wages And General Salary.

Typing. I have 120WPM average type speed. Yet still... I have a need...a need...for SPEED

I don't know what else. Erm... Arduino?


Sanrio Characters/Onegai My Melody

korumi school project but better. please do ask

Obviously the next natural step in evolution.

For the past week all I've been doing is obsessing over Sanrio characters, wow, there's a lot of Sanrio characters.

I have been so obsessive over this, the whole vinyl marketing thing I mentioned (if I did at all) is expanding and now we are known as Not Sanrio Inc. I think it sounds infinitely better than "Kuromi crowns internet software." So with this came the recent discovery that My Melody is not the show itself and is indeed just the character. God I'm stupid.

So this gave me the astonishing idea to...watch it with my friends. Obviously watching kid's shows by yourself would be unpractical, same goes for other movies/shows, you need to watch them with friends regardless of what they are. Otherwise you'll be sad and lonely. Unfortunately for me only 1 or 2 friends are willing to join and only 1 is willing to voice chat. And we have to wait until Tuesday to do so. He'll have some catching up to do.......

Did you know they have all episodes on YouTube?

I didn't!

................................stay tuned!!!!!


Emo/Kawaii (Gloomy Bear, Kuromi from Sanrio)

korumi school project. dont ask

Woo, okay, I'm starting a new blog, and this time it isn't all black. This one is about my current obsessions and things I've been buying. Don't worry it doesn't get too personal.

So recently I've been tapping into my inner thoughts and my inner thoughts tell me I should act like a band kid. I did what it said and I joined band class and 2 days ago I set my profile picture to Kuromi from My Melody and started using "FR" and hyphens at the end of sentences unironically. Oh god help me. So on this quest to complete and total femboyism I found about a really cool bear called Gloomy Bear. It has taken Japanese franchises by storm...including Vocaloid action figures, apparently.

Gloomy Bear is really just one big Aesop fable except instead of being meaningful and impactful on my life it taught me I probably shouldn't take care of a pink bear that stands on 2 legs. How the hell did I find out this existed? Erm... I'll get into it later.

So the story of the bear goes like this: there is this one boy named Pitty who gets a bear. Bear grows to be very naughty. Pity for Pitty. Very enticing stuff. Product-chain worthy. Saw it on a Blingee, yeah I use that website. Looked sick so I made my own blingee of this bear thing and I think I was either listening to too much Devil Town on repeat or I accidentally injected myself with a psychoactive drug while making it. I entered it in an anime competition and so far it only has 900 points, what the hell guys, why don't any of you like psychedellic GIFs that look like they came from the Windows XP era. My low-effort Kokichi gif got a better ranking than this. It still has 3 days left so I'll just cross my fingers and hope it gets at least 1000 points.

So, I guess this proves that friends realy have an influence on you, because if my brother didn't start blasting 100 Gecs all day and if I didn't join a Discord server full of 11 year old My Melody fans I wouldn't be here. Being a catboy was my choice though trust me.