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For the past few days I've been trying to take a break from the internet. Some personal stuff has happened and it's got me feeling pretty down. Fortunately I feel a lot better but I'm probably going to stay silent just a bit longer. But in no way did I expect to wake up and see 100 thousand views on my website. 100 thousand. 100. Thousand.

I realize Neocities butchers it's viewcount a lot (I noticed when I set up a hit counter on my old homepage), but the fact that I more or less got that many, even if it was fake (not to mention all the people I've made friends with on this site) It's really something. It's definitely a feeling I probably wont be feeling in a long time, because now I actually feel like I mean something. I'm making this post to thank you all for even glancing at my website, either loving it or despising it, and I apologize for the lack of new content for the past few months. I promise I have many things coming.

The domain for this expires in 40 days, so I will try the best I can do renew it in time. This site is on it's last knees as is my wallet, but if it provides at least 3 people some entertainment I'm willing to keep it up. Thank you so so so much for visiting this website. I never thought I'd get that many people to look at my virtual garbage pile, nevermind make myself an actually website.

...Peace! - H

100,000 dots
A visualization of how many people have (supposedly) looked at my site. There are a few clones here and there, but it's still pretty big. Sauce