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202(1) Tokyo Olympics

They're here, despite the COVID stuff still being slightly prevalent.

I've never been one with olympics of any kind. Looking at people jump into large vats of water and pointy sticks arrows out of wooden boomerang curves is interesting on paper, but I somehow haven't been able to watch more than a few seconds without getting bored.

I guess it's been an attention span problem. Either way, I'm hoping I'll be able to watch at least a few hours this year.

So...this year's olympics are being held in Tokyo, so this means you can expect a lot of weeaboos joining a stream and cheering for their """favorite""" Japanese """athlete""". Hopefully the stream I manage to access wont have live chat, because all that's going to be is a bunch of karens and nerds...and people spamming something controversial stuff.

But man, they got a lot of stuff here (again). So much more than you're gonna get in mario and sonic at the olympic games. As a matter of fact I petition for fencing to be put in the next nintendo olypmics game. Didn't you know? Fencing is probably the only interesting sport to watch. I think everyone can agree it's at least midly interesting seeing two dudes threaten each other with pointy stick then BAM. At least I think that's how it goes.

So...olympics. They work out. Google also made a really cool doodle on their homepage, I LOVE the intro. Apparently it's going to be a pretty big RPG, something I wasn't expecting from a big coporation solely focused on spitting out blue webpages to people on a *cough* white screen. But yeah it's Tokyo so obviously the game is anime.

Did I mention china is "winning" with 2 gold medals? Are you SURPRISED????

I'll probably write more about this later in the day. It's 7 in the morning and I don't even want to begin on all the stupid stuff they're enforcing.


Scratch the whole "I'll right this later" thing, because I've covered all the stupid stuff in one word. Olympics.

Olympics Logo
The delays were both good and bad. Source: Swimming World