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Turning over a new leaf

This blog really needs to change.

Most of the stuff I've talked about prior to here have been things I've been going through. While it's nice to speak my mind and talk about my day and occasionally have other people read it, it feels moreso like scummy venting than actual blogging.

Because of this, I'm shifting my focus of this blog, and hopefully reviving it and making it something completely different. I feel like focusing on "woah this happened, time to share my opinion on it" or "check out this cool thing", rather than making posts solely focusing on "I feel like doodoo and I'm sorry for the 157th hiatus". Expect some higher quality, more readable stuff from this blog as a result. I want an outlet for sharing my opinions and cool stuff to others, not my old vent page in disguise...

A quick note on OOW

Due to complete embarassment I'm most likely going to remove it some time in the near future, unless I get obsessed with something else. I feel like this blog is a good place to comment about these things rather than just a white screen with ugly yellow boxes.

A quick note on Monster Energy Ratings

I haven't had a hearty dose of monster for a while now. When I have been, it was either away from my computer or at a time when I was just too lazy. I actually had a fat stack of monsters in an old house i lived in (the one the pictures from the only entries are taken from)...I was planning to review them when, ahaha, i got evicted.

Thank you for your understanding.

- H