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Long Time No See

That's... a bit of a stretch. It's only been less than a month but wow it's felt like at least two. Again, I'm sorry for being such an awful webmaster, I'll get to making more stuff I promise.

So, if you read a bit of my bio you'll know I suck at decision making and hopefully recent events have removed all doubt of that from your mind. If you visit my homepage you will notice the entire landing page has been replaced with two links, one leading so a special mystery site and the other leading to the old page. Well, my friend, I introduce to you the latest and greatest innovation at HoyleTech Ltd. Inc. LLC. Co, PogCities. So you know how Neocities has all these websites and you can make your own and stuff? Well unfortunately I haven't been able to force-uh, I mean convince my friends into using this website because they can't learn how to write webpages for the life of them. So, since we here at HoyleTech Ltd. Inc. LLC. Co are always evolving and changing we have decided to scrap the idea of making one of those, erm, half-decent mini-communities and instead make a colossacommunity (colossal + community) which requires NO CODING WHATSOEVER. Don't like that? Well, if you so desire, we'll give you a mini-mini-website inside that mini-website of yours that you can program yourself via me! That's right, any change has to be done through my Discord DMs. It's tragic but I can't bother learning PHP and Neocities doesn't allow dynamic webpages anyway.

So, it's gonna be a little bit like this... On the left is your status, your bio, your mini-mini-website, etc... on the right is your tweets! If you don't have Twitter I can probably find some way to include some other social media you're on. If you're not on social media at all, I, um I don't know. Might just embed your website.

Above this is the menu, and your own BLOG. Yes that is right. Gone are the days of being me and making a SiteWeb just for blogging full of hardcoded nonsense. No...we must go out with the old and in with the new. This is the new age. Welcome to the future of website management and social presence. PogCities. Worthy of some pogchamps here and there. So far I'm in the prototyping phase. Since this is a little more advanced than anything else I've done and I really suck at programming pebwages (wegpabes (pagwebes)) I'm going to have to go a little more in depth, so... I do have CC so I suppose I'll use XD. I'll report back on my progress later.