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Update 12/10/20

15 days (2 weeks 1 day) until Christmas !!!!

Hi, this is Hoylecake. I figured I wouldn't have enough time to make a full blog post here's just a few updates on the state of things. First things first: I'm not as upset as I was prior to today. I called it depression because I knew it would last long and it was a really hard to deal with kind of sadness but fortunately it didn't happen and I'm still ok. All the original problems that caused that in the first place are still alive and well, though.

PogCities is also still in it's prototyping phase. Don't count on it getting finished.

Finally I'll probably be making another series (that's going to get cancelled after a week). I'm not sure what it is, but I'm fairly sure it's going to be binge watching random things. Some stuff'll be website-exclusive as to avoid any strikes. Problem is, not many friends are willing to watch a movie while also having their mic on at the same time. I'll probably split things into parts then if that's the case. Expect some funny stuff. And completely random out of the blue stuff as well. A friend suggests I should watch My Melody so I'll force my friends to watch that too. See you on the web.