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Blog Management Is A Disease

9 AM

God, I hate school. Anyways as of now I am doing MASK BREAK with my friend trent and we are chilling so hard right now. I assume he's making more Google Drawings art because that's what he always does. Just that...he also never listens to music that's NOT from Five Night's At Yo Mama's or Mendyhearts and The Pink Machine unless I tell him to and he typically regards it as okay. He's also a little annoying and his name is Trent which is a really weird name but I don't care because we manage an ice cream shop together and some merchandise is in the works, design by him! His art is genuinely impressive.

Withered Bonnie google drawings
Here's one thing he made in Google Drawings, didn't want to take a picture of the ones on paper since at least one person wants to figure out my location, please don't.
10 AM

Going to band in 2 minutes, in which I have no access to computer. I'll try to write this quick. If you looked at the title of this you'll notice this post will probably be about blog management and why it sucks, you'd be right. Unfortunately however I branched off completely at the beginning so the only chance I'll get to write this will probably be at the end of school, okay bye!!!!!!!!

3 PM

Another MASK BREAK but this time it's outdoors and it is freezing. Since MASK BREAK is really long I'mma go all out on this management sucks, and I'm surprised that I'm surprised about this incredibly obvious fact. When I was trying to get Jekyll set up I kept having to branch off to other blog services because they Just. Didn't. Work. And this was before I actually had a NeoCities supporter account, so it wasn't as easy as using FileZilla and transferring the Jekyll files from my computer to the site itself. "Why aren't you using it now, then?" you ask, pathetically, as you realize the painful reality of FORGETFULNESS. But either way had I remembered or not I would have already gone too far and being able to make it your own, no matter how difficult and mind-boggling it is, is fun and rewarding and I'm happy about how this website turned out. I don't mind if I have to make new folders and html files for everything and one small change on the homepage means going back and changing every page, all that matters is I don't have to stick with stupid markdown and I'm not restricted to one theme. And the tags. I hate blog tags, I typically only use categories if it's a serious one (categories coming soon™!). On another note, the old Hugo blog that consisted entirely of my frustrations on blog creators will probably be archived here for you to read in the future, but for now I'll try to focus on this blog because honestly writing on this thing is like writing music, you're already really far before you even know it. Look at me!!! This is already, uh... hold on...

18 sentences! That's like, 3 paragraphs. I guess I write well.