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Second Post

10 AM

this is my second post and it has also been one day since i made this blog, MANY YEARS of devastation and dread now brought to rest from my BEAUTIFUL BLOG (experience).

yesterday my brother, mom, and i went to (parking) hel(l)en and did fun stuff like get our names in glass. it's called glassblowing and it's so satisfying to watch how they do it. i've been told the end product varies depending on the mood of the person making it and what they ate, among other things. i'm really happy with the result and what's cool is they put my little birthstone on the corner!!! after mine was finished i went and grabbed a cheap mystery box for $5 with my own money, i was considering buying the grab bag but it felt too small. basically what the mystery boxes are is they're just stuff from the glassblowing shop that were put off the shelves and are now on an INTENSE discount. what i got was a little angel! worthwhile purchase :)

here's some of the things they have on display. 99% sure this is from the location i went to. real stuff! Source: (most likely defunct)

the city of helen is soooo cool though!! a lot of stuff is german and even is the architecture. it's peaceful unless you're driving and they have some really cool niche stuff, like underground stores, sweets plazas, and even, GET THIS, old-timey photo shoots. so what you do is, you get some cowboy clothes on, some legit really well made apparel, and you stand in front of a camera on this saloon set. they hide your shoes because those probably arent wild west-y enough and then you smile or get serious. after you choose your favorite picture and choose a frame. there's a wanted frame that lets you put your own group name on it and we ALMOST got that but we ended up just getting it frameless. on another note: beside the saloon there's some fake guns (or real, unloaded ones???) ranging from six-shooters to rifles. makes you look like a badass.

i would go into more detail but i have something i need to go to in one hour and i have way too much time for silly fun stuff on my hands so we're gonna ride some four-wheelers for a birthday party then go home, hopefully i'll have time to write it.

cool weekend!