Extreme was really the only outlet to share my art to the common public but now that it's on indefinite hiatus I figure I might as well put the things I draw here. I've only been doing this for five years, more or less, and I had been drawing stick figures for an entire decade prior, so all of this is still developing behind the scenes, and I'm still learning the ropes of a lot of things (namely, HANDS). I don't expect you to be bedazzled by the things I draw or anything, I just want a place to put my art so people can comment on it and I can track my progress.

I'm sure I've said this already, but I really can't overstate how grateful I am for goom, who's been my mentor practically this entire time. He's never given me lengthy tutoring sessions on how to draw a specific thing or anything, but he has given me really invaluable advice when I needed it and really shaped my art style into what it is / will be now.

All dates are in MM/DD/YYYY format.

December 2022

Gemm 12/24/22 Despair 12/24/22 Wooper 12/24/22 Swag 12/23/22 Weather 12/19/22 Extreme characters 12/08/22

October 2022

Childbirth 10/19/22

July 2022

Mick 07/29/22

June 2022

Holly 06/22/22 Holly 06/18/22 Man 06/17/22

Collaborative sessions

Here are some drawings I did with my friends. They're pretty old.

#5, 06/03/22 #4, 05/31/22 #3, 05/30/22 #2, 05/29/22 #1, Undated