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Oh, good gracious. I sound like my mom!

Heeeey. My name is holly. I stand on two legs. I like guys and computers. I also happen to be terrible at describing myself, so I'll paste my Two Cans and String bio below:

I am theki. Hoylecake is my old username. theki is not to be spelled with any capitalization, and if you refer to me by name you may use Holly. My body consists of 60% lead. I am a frontend web developer by day, and epic gamer by night. While in the morning I'm making cool things in JavaScript and changing my website homepage for the eighteenth time that week, in the evening I'm pwning epic n00bz and getting the sickest headshots in Counter-Strike while DEFINITELY not sweating my balls off.

I started this website with the aim to stuff as much random nonsense I've created into it as possible. Have fun.