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This website is Just Another Useless Page! Before this website went downhill I had a lot of recognition from other members of this website. I'll try to dig them up, and if I find anything I'll put it here.

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Hi, this is my newly renovated homepage. It's hopefully going to be a lot more consistent than how it was previously. I've tried as hard as possible (kind of) to make it mobile compatible, meaning if your screen is small enough the homepage should be at least somewhat readable regardless. Text size still isn't accounted for, so legibility might be a problem, but the only person I have seen who has visited my website on a phone is me and that was to test how it looked. But I'm getting ahead of myself. I've changed a lot as a person and learned a lot of stuff. I'll attempt to work on this website whenever I'm able; I've got two different schools I need to juggle and with my incredibly short attention span I usually just don't have the time or patience for most things nowadays.

I'll probably post my socials and things I've made here, and talk about them. Neocities isn't FTP so don't expect anything incredibly technology advanced. It's just manually-updated webpages. The way they're generated might involve some wizardry, but behind the scenes the most complicated thing is a JavaScript file.

Recently, I've been getting into Ruby on Rails development. I wasn't very big on it at first, but I have grown a sort of admiration for it as of late. Prior to dipping my toes into that I read _why's (Poignant) Guide to Ruby which is an absolutely brilliant book. It had a wonderful story, charismatic humour, and it taught me a bit of Ruby along the way. I stopped at chapter 3 because... you have to learn to expect that from me. I walked away from it knowing how to program in Ruby more than I did before reading it (that is to say that previously I didn't know how to use the damn language at all). Took me about a week, the same amount of time it took me to learn Toki Pona. The one thing you should take from all that is the following: I know how MVC frameworks work now, and I am not afraid to use them.

In the realm of JavaScript, I have grown a LOT. It was recently I started delving into a lot more advanced stuff beyond ordinary object prototypes and classes. I know how to use Webpack and Parcel as well as node.js, and after getting accustomed to Haml (and falling in love with it) I have done the same for Pug. I tried reviving my blog using Sanity but that didn't work out. Eventually I learned how to use Gulp, and it changed my life forever. That being said, expect a lot more consistent, clean, and optimised code on this website. And yes, I have switched to British English. It started as a joke, but then it grew on me.