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This website is Just Another Useless Page! Before this website went downhill I had a lot of recognition from other members of this website. I'll try to dig them up, and if I find anything I'll put it here.

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Hi, I'm theki. The time for introductions is over. Today marks probably the longest amount of time this site has gone without a complete change in design. And you know what? I like that. But there's a problem: It's ugly. It lacks personality. You would have no idea I was a stupid nerd just by looking at this website. Pure black and white grants no indication that the sole entity behind this website is a teenager. Have you SEEN teenager websites? Those look so much cooler than this! So it's time for a change. It's time... to fit in.

With this new update to the website you will now be able to learn not one thing, not two things, not ten things, but ONE thing about me immediately upon visiting: I like Yume 2kki. How about that.